We utilize the latest in technology and embraces best practices in project management to deliver award-winning results.


Our areas of expertise include the construction of Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, and Residential projects.

Why choose Ahora Construction?

Our Core Values

Our core values are the cornerstone of how we do business and strengthen our ability to provide value to our clients. We provide innovative construction solutions and don’t compromise on quality, safety, or service and are committed to building sustainably.


There is no project without safety; safe work practices are woven into our team’s day-to-day, onsite practices. It’s as important to us as efficiency, quality, expediency, and cost control. We prioritize whatever steps we need to take to ensure the work is done safely.


We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver projects of any size or scope from concept to completion. We are committed to adding value through innovative, cost-effective, and functional solutions. We don’t compromise on quality or safety and are committed to building sustainably.

Our Team

More about us


Jimmy Matta

Jimmy Matta is an experienced union leader and labor organizer. For many years he served in leadership positions within the labor union before exiting to begin his career in the private sector. He brings to extensive knowledge of the construction industry to Ahora Construction.
Contact information: 206.999.7115 |

Evita Torres
Office Manager

Evita Torres began working for Ahora Construction immediately following its inception. She communicates the various stakeholders to ensure timely completion of obligations. She brings extensive experience with her to Ahora.
Contact information: 206.631.1493 |

Fiona Hope
Assistant Project Manager

Fiona Hope works part-time with Ahora Construction to complete various projects and tasks which help ensure Ahora is complying to is duties. She assists with tasks related to billing, bidding, external communication, and more.
Contact information: 206.256.2861 |